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pregnancy IVF single_momovarian_stimulationlesbian_coupleartifitial_inseminationsperm_donation embryo_adoption gay-couple egg_donation single_father
pregnancy IVF single_momovarian_stimulationlesbian_coupleartifitial_inseminationsperm_donation embryo_adoption gay-couple egg_donation single_father

0Meses believes that everyone deserves a second chance to build their own family

Our aim

Not two family building journeys are exactly the same.

If you are a single woman or man,a hetero or same sex couple and you were trying to improve your fertility and build your own family, you may find out many roads for an affordable cost in Spain.Use Fertility Guide in Spain to understand all family options you have and we will be happy to guide your jorney to becoming a Mother or Father.Please contact us if you need emotional support,legal advice,financial options or a baby plan by treatment type.

Envíamos un mensaje a info@0meses.com en caso de que necesites apoyo emocional,consejo legal o financiero, o desarrollar un plan para tener tu bebé según sea tu caso.

Epigenetics. The DNA of the Pregnant Mother Ebook and Paperback Book by Sara Toledo

The maternal womb modifies the genetics of the embryo conceived with own egg or donated by another woman, as in a case of a lesbian couple who'd prefer to use the ROPA method) or with an unrelated surrogate.Leer msás...



Cell Phone Cases

IPhone 4
















Oraquick HIV Test in Home

Get your test results in the privacy of your own home. FDA approved. The same test healthcare professionals use. Results in 20 minutes. No blood required. Just a quick oral swab application



Ovatel Ovulation Reusable Test

Reveals your five day fertile period to improve your chances of conception. 98% accurate. Test anywhere in few seconds



Sperm Check Fertility At Home

Determinate the concentration of sperm in semen. Know within minutes whether your sperm count is within the "normal" range

Search for Known Sperm Donors & Recipients

To donate sperm is a wonderful gift, giving others the opportunity of becoming parents.
Single, lesbian, gay, or infertile couples have the opportunity of becoming parents receiving donated sperm.
Thousands of children worldwide are born in this way every year.

Start Your Parenting Journey From Scratch With www.0Meses.com Real stories. Free Chat. No strings

  • "Every
    It's Incredibly
    - Matt S.

    Sperm Donor
  • "Prepared To
    Donate To The
    Right Person"
    - Ben G.

    Gay Sperm Donor
  • "Happy to
    become a
    - Lisa S.

    Single Woman Recipient
  • "Go On To
    A Father"
    - Rachael T.

    Infertile Couple Recipient
  • Wanting To
    Have A Baby
    - Hayley M.

    Lesbian Woman Recipient
  • Looking For
    A Woman To
    - Nic A.
    & Adele J.

Ovarian Stimulation
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